Advertisers Affiliate Program

Our advanced (CPV) cost per view solution improves the lead conversion of a search engine visitor into a consumer. Initiate today these cost per view advantages:

  • Target consumers by keywords, URLs and countries
  • Cost effective (CPV) cost per view platform steers high lead conversion search engine traffic
  • Superb return on investment (ROI) and outstanding customer support

Turn Targeted Search Engine Traffic into Primary Consumers

Using breakthrough internet and software technology advances, we enable you as an affiliate advertiser to narrow your reach to your desired primary consumer audience through the keywords, URLs and geographic locations that you choose. This method yields lower click fraud tabulations and provides you excellent lead conversions compared to hit or miss pay per click ad platforms, as it effectively targets the specific audience that you have in mind. Reach millions of customers at the most important stage of the search engine buying cycle. At a point when your intended audience are actively comparing businesses products or services, and ready to make a decision. Cost per view search engine marketing will help you keep your internet advertising costs down. Our team of (CPV) cost per view specialists have the experience, recommendations and the know how. We’re ready to help you suceed in making known to your intended audience, your company product or business services.

Complete Cost Per View Affiliate Control for Maximum Value

Our ingenious self-serve (CPV) cost per view advertising platform grants total control to our advertiser affiliates, allowing them to maximize their internet advertising campaigns. Aside from choosing the keywords, URLs and countries that they want to target, they can also select the number of cost per view ads and the frequency that the affiliates cost per view ad can be displayed to their intended audience. Your (CPV) cost per view account control panel provides detailed cost per view internet advertising costs, cost per view internet advertising prices, click throughs, impression details, lead conversions, website traffic, and other status and types of data giving you the ability to format your internet advertising trends or internet advertising statistics. Of course your internet campaign account personal information is included as well. This complete control ensures that the affiliate can get the most internet advertising value out of their affiliate program.

Outstanding Customer Service

We have dedicated (CPV) cost per view account specialists to assist our affiliates with optimizing their cost per view campaigns. At the same time, we are committed to protecting the right and privacy of consumers by following a strict code of ethics. Our customer support team believes in delivering professional and personalized service to help you grow your business and ultimately achieve success in making known to your intended audience, your company product or business services. Become an affiliate now to experience the many benefits of a cost effective internet advertising campaign.

Further questions? Comments? Contact our cost per view specialists today and learn how we can turn your internet advertising investment into conversions, not just clicks. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Call toll free at 1-800-296-7104 or email us through our request a call back form on this page (top right).

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Cost Per View Internet Advertising Campaigns improve lead conversions, lowers click fraud and initiates effective internet advertising costs for a more solid return on investment (ROI).